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May 20, 2024

Compass on a piece of paper
Compass on a piece of paper

What is

Tech platform (or “get an advisor”) has launched as an online match-making platform where entrepreneurs and business leaders in need of advisory services find and get matched with vetted professional advisors.

Built as a simple lead generation platform, provides an independent platform where entrepreneurs, CEOs, C-level executives and business owners can find the most relevant and quality advisors to support them for a fundraise, a strategic acquisition, trade sale or an M&A transaction. 

Using the latest technology, getana efficiently automates the match-making after you provide the necessary information upon registration to define your goals. We align these needs with the ideal service providers to support you in your journey. Once both parties have accepted the introduction on a no-name basis, the platform connects them to each other via email, and they can take it offline, while providing feedback and reviews of the counterpart through the platform.

Benefits for users

On one hand, in an unbiased and transparent manner, getana aims to help entrepreneurs and business leaders find the right and qualified advisors. The benefits that the platform provides to a company’s founder, CEO, major stakeholder, or key decision maker are:


  • It helps save time when searching for the relevant advisor.

  • It finds your fit based on your unique needs and criteria.

  • It saves you money by offering you an array of advisors to choose from.

  • It offers peer reviews on advisors, helping you make a better judgment call.

  • It gathers in one place all the advisory professionals and firms you should speak to and eventually hire.

On the other hand, getana offers to professionally vetted advisors a modular-based and easy to use platform that acts as a unique channel to showcase their track record, that aggregates the advertising power of many into a singular point of contact for potential clients.

For advisors, using getana means:

  • Clients come to you rather than searching for the next project.

  • Spend time on client inquiries that actually fit your scope of work and credentials.

  • No more hassle and inefficient digital marketing campaign spendings.

  • Save and control costs related to business introductions.

  • Promote your successes and expertise under one roof.

getana is currently helping a handful of M&A and corporate finance advisory firms and professionals to move to an automated sourcing processes in order to find and serve the next relevant client.

What getana is not:

  • getana is not an advisory firm, thus, it does not provide any advice. 

  • getana is not an investment firm, it does not invest on transactions presented by businesses, thus does not charge any commission on deals.

  • getana is not licensed by any regulatory body and does not provide any advisory services in any jurisdiction of the world.


For more information, please visit and do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form or email us at

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© getana 2024. All rights reserved.

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© getana 2024. All rights reserved.

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